it will have a great background color and have a admin and a hokage and everything
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 Uzumaki jutsu

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PostSubject: Uzumaki jutsu   Sun Jul 06, 2008 4:22 pm

Uzumaki barrage- user creates four shadow clones hit opponent into air the user drop kicks opponent into gorund.
rank-genin or higher
jutsu type- taijutsu

Shadow clone jutsu- User creates actully clones but problem is can't take too much damage or they disapper.
jutsu type-ninjutsu

Uzumaki formation- user creates about 12 clones and make a circular shape around user to block and defend against attacks from any diraction.
rank- genin or higer
jutsu type- ninjutsu


Ayami is often looked down upon because of her family name some people think she is unfit to be the imkage. Because of being treated like this she often studys and trains and separtes herself from others but if she is with certain people she open's up to them.
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Uzumaki jutsu
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