it will have a great background color and have a admin and a hokage and everything
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 Jutsu Registration

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Shinu uchiha
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PostSubject: Jutsu Registration   Sun Jun 22, 2008 2:24 pm




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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Registration   Sun Jun 22, 2008 5:41 pm

Superhuman Strength
monstrous strength reflects user temperament. user is able to easily punch through stone walls and chuck giant boulders. The source of this ability comes from superior chakra control. By focussing chakra on a single point in body and releasing it, user can greatly amplify their power and strength.
jutsu type-taijutsu

super slap-The user simply hits the ground as the opponent is charging at them and this causes the opponent to lose their balence.
jutsu type-taijutsu

flick-This is a follow up jutsu of the super slap that the user simply uses one finger to send their opponet flying backward's cause major damage.
jutsu type-taijutsu

drop heel kick- the user jumps up into the air when comes back down hits opponent into ground the ground around both user and opponent breaks the opponent suffers major damage from the impact (can only be used twice per battle)
jutsu type-taijutsu

fire style phoenix infero-creates a large barrier of fire around user cancaling out opponent's attacks this only last for three turns.
rank-jouin or higher
jutsu type-ninjutsu

Anger of the gods-The user summons large amount of charka into their hand they then can aim at opponent this attack never misses and opponent is unable to dodage. The only draw back is the user is in the hospital for a couple of days but if user is a medical ninja then only for two days at max.(can only be used once per battle and takes alot of charka this is why it is considered a kinjutsu for it has a effect on the user as well and only kages can learn this jutsu.
jutsu type-kinjutsu
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Jutsu Registration
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