it will have a great background color and have a admin and a hokage and everything
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This guy lives in the desert of Nara, because he was affected by the Eight tail's magical powers and now lives under the wind and sand..he transforms into a raccoon (to what he is now). He is playful and lives on the souls of the people killed by the wind and sand. The tattoos on his body show that he is the god of wind. He was defeated by Oraga Nakashimu, a monk in Nara.

This monster lives in the forest of death in Hokkaido. He looks like a black cat demon with black wings and his master is the death god. He feeds on the dead people's spirits and can summon these spirits to fight for them. The third eye at the top of its head is used to consume the spirit. He was nearly killed once by Kyuubi. but Shinigami(the death god) manages to save him just in time. This is the god of darkness.
ight tails awaits a genius of the Yagami family, who is the arch enemy of the Kusangi family, to awaken him and fight the Kyubi again.

This monster has a sharp horn at his forehead and his body in in the shape of a shark. Every few months, he comes up to the surface of the sea from the deep waters to get some fresh air. However, each time he does this, there will be storms and all the ships become his food. He gets his power from his subordinate,Samehada. Samehada gets food from this monster's stomach and creates a large amount of power which is given to the three tails. This is done because Samehada can create 5 times more power than the three tails. The three tails is the god of water.

He lives near Mount Fuji and because of the toxic gases and volcanic ash, he transforms into a half chicken and half snake monster. Everything around him will die because of his poison. According to the legend, whenever he hibernates at Fuji, his snoring will cause the volcano to erupt. Luckily, Yamazaki Ishiro, a master of demon arts, manages to seal him. The four tails is the god of poison.

Each tail of this dog-like monster represents one element (Earth Wind Water Fire Metal) and he can cause catastrophic damage when using these elements. He will also destroy nature to obtain power of these five elements. The five tails was once badly injured by the Kyubi when he and the two tails challenged Kyubi. This monster is the god of illusions (gen that is, as in genjustsu)

This was the god of thunder but was changed into a beast by the eight tails power.
The six tails can release a tremendous amount of electricity to help him in battle. the person who killed the six tails is Sarutobi.

The seven tails is the most cunning beast but the smallest out of them all. For most of the time, he is underground searching for prey. The way he kills is destroying the piece of the land under his target causing his target to fall and directly going into his mouth. Whenever he appears above he will transform into all types of creatures, but he is unable to transform in a place without clay. The seven tails is the god of earth.

This monster has eight heads and eight tails and has the power of the demon world, a symbol of evil. Each head represents one thing and they are Soul, Ghost, Evil, Devil, Monstrous, Kill, The Afterworld and Death. Initially, his powers are weak, but, because members of the Kusanagi family act without precaution, they used the legendary Kusanagi No Tsurugi. As a result, the eight tails takes the sword from them and absorbs its power to become a very powerful creature, as well as storing it in his body. With this new power, he releases a large amount of dark power and awakens the other tailed beasts and becomes arrogant. He defeats lots of tailed beasts, but when he encounters the Kyuubi, he is defeated. This is because the Kyubi has an unlimited amount of power and even makes a hole in the Kusanagi sword. This shows just how powerful the nine tails is as he is the king of the tailed beasts and not even Sarutobi and Enma could scratch that sword.

This is the king of all tailed beasts and the reason he is so powerful is because he has an unlimited amount of power. This power is generated by his fire seal and as a result, after 100 years of battle with the eight tails, eight tails is exhausted but the Kyuubi is still able to fight. Kyuubi is also very smart and searches for the person who awakened him as well as the shinobi who sealed him. However, the eight tails did not tell Kyubi that it was him who awakened the nine tails.

kyo grew up in the uchiha clan and was always overshadowed by the more powerful members,this leading to him being very quiet and reclusive. since he was so reclusive he always had time to train and study by himself,making him a very strong genin,but not purposefully. he graduated with perfect scores,but still was overlooked by most members of the clan,and even most people. kyo is very shy and doesn't like to be in public,preferring to study or train. he is very close to his sensei,Madara.
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