it will have a great background color and have a admin and a hokage and everything
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 My medical ninjutsu

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Madara Uchiha
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PostSubject: My medical ninjutsu   Mon Jun 23, 2008 2:01 am

Resurrection to the impure world
Healing hands
Chakra Scapel
????-dont know the name of it(but the medical ninja would take the hair of the person their trying to heal and the hair would help the healing of the person)
????-do handsigns and balls of chakra form in hand so you can attack opponents organs
(all these are medical jutsus i'd like to be able to use.........the ones i labled......"?????" i don't know their names but what they do i do know)

I,Uchiha Madara of the Uchiha clan are one of the strongest Uchiha's who still roam the ninja world.During the old days,I never knew about the caution with going blind from using Mangekyo Sharingan too long and I got blind.I took my brother's Mangekyo Sharingan which gave me External mangekyo sharingan,and with it I can't go blind.I'm now the mizukage,a sensei,and Nekomata rests in my body.My closet friend is my student Kyo Uchiha.
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My medical ninjutsu
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