it will have a great background color and have a admin and a hokage and everything
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Conductor Skill
The basis of all Raiton jutsu, Doutai no Jutsu allows a shinobi to absorb ambient electricity from the environment for use in electricity and lightning related skills. This collection of ambient electricity is a passive form of this skill, and thus can be used without exerting chakra

Thunder Clone Jutsu
Forms solid clones from pure lightning and when they are distorted they explode into a blast of lightning shocking the one that distorted the clone…

Palm shock
A weaker version of the chidori when used it will stun you opponent (Two posts)

A weaker version of Chidori current when used a almost unnoticeable lightning aura forms and will protect you by lashing out at the nearest person. It can also be used to extend your weapon...

Lightning pump up
Draws raw energy from your lightning as it increases you reactions tenfold. But well only last for 5 posts after that you will have an aftereffect from moving that fast. You will recover in 2 posts…

user focus slight amount of chakra in each hand and joins it together to from a ball, which when both chakra collide turns it into a lightning ball , which you can throw at your opponent (will electrocute them)

Shocking Palms : user does a palm shock in both hands and uses a series of combo hits with his hands to damage and stun the enemy ( stun for 2 posts)

Shocking Grasp Technique
A fairly simple jutsu, the user moves chakra to his hands and converts it to electricity. A thin layer of chakra protects the user, but anyone the user touches gets a shock, and anything the user holds transmits the electricity

Charged Strike
A ninja from the Hidden Cloud Village is able to transfer chakra into his or her limbs in order to create an electrical charge. With enough practice, the ninja becomes able to discharge this energy forcibly with a punch or kick

Lightning Trip-Wire Technique
The user takes two kunai or any other metal objects that can be planted in the ground or wall and gives them opposite electrical charges. Using chakra, an invisible current is run through the objects, which are then planted in the ground. If anyone walks in between the two conduits, then an electrical charge zaps them. Despite the name, this technique does not actually 'trip' the victim

Magnetic Deflection Technique
A dangerous technique, this jutsu builds up a magnetic charge in a metal object with a touch, making it a magnet that draws metal objects to it. While this jutsu can build up a powerful magnetic charge, doing so can be dangerous if the user possesses other metal objects, as they will be attracted to the magnet as well. The magnetic charge only lasts as long as the user holds on to the object


Chidori Current
A jutsu that doesn’t require hand signs only focus. Using current there will be a very noticeable lightning aura coming off you. It also shocks anyone that gets near you. You can also extend the any weapon you have as large as humanly possible without adding on weight…

Lightning Form
You can construct any weapon that you can possible imagine…

Current Blast
After using chidori current you can gather energy inside of your body and release it at once destroying the nearby area. Also for 4 posts there is lightning surging throughout the ground due to the explosion…

Chidori Spear
You create a chidori and form it into a spear. Then throw it at your opponent at high speed…

Static Trap Technique
A more advanced version of the Lightning Trip-Wire Technique, this jutsu uses chakra to transform a few metal objects (most commonly kunai) into an electrical conduct through touch. Then the user uses chakra to send an invisible electrical current between all of the conduits. When someone walks between any two conduits, they get zapped

Current Manipulation Technique
This jutsu uses waves of chakra to bend an electrical current, to make it flow in a less-direct way. This jutsu is usually used in combination with the Lightning Trip-Wire Technique, Taser Technique, or any other techniques that utilize electrical currents to make them harder to avoid. This jutsu requires no hand-seals and can easily be performed in combination with other techniques

Shock Net
The user creates a complex electrical current between his fingers. This current is then "cast" outward towards an opponent or object while still maintaining contact with the user's fingers. While this can be used as an attack, it is more commonly used for its magnetic properties. Any metal objects caught within the "net" are pulled by the magnetic field. This jutsu, therefore, can be used to retrieve a large number of objects or even to disarm opponents

Static Bolt Technique
The user projects some of his chakra, which is given a positive charge, to a location. The user then gives some air in front of his open palm a negative charge, and a large static bolt jumps between the two locations. While the lightning bolt is impossible to dodge, the location that it jumps to can not change, making it very predictable - assuming that the victim knows what's coming

Static Discharge Technique
The user focuses his chakra onto an object (typically a metal object, although anything that conducts electricity well works) and builds up an electrical charge within the object. Once the object hits another, a large static bolt leaps from the object whatever it is in contact with. Once the electricity is discharged, the object returns to normal; the energy can only be discharged once


Lightning punch
Like the chakra punch it can turn boulders to dust in one hit. One of the main differences is the speed it is delivered and the static that is left behind…

Lightning fused Rasengan (but you can just call it the Rasengan)
Like the normal Rasengan it is made with lightning. Like all lightning jutsu the main attribute is the speed it is delivered and the static that is left…

Current Blast version two
After using chidori current you can gather energy inside of your body and release it at once destroying the nearby area. Also for 4 posts there is lightning surging throughout the ground due to the explosion. Or if you use chidori spear you can explode them while in mid air or when they are in someone or something with devastating results…

Lightning pinpoint
By using any metal object you can transport yourself and others to it almost instantly…

- Grasp of the Lightning God
The user gathers a tremendous amount of eletricity into their hands. The user then grabs the opponent with both hands and sets up a powerful current of eletricity through the opponent's body. This eletricity not only electrifies its victim, but also renders the area around where the opponent is holding immobile, although other parts of the victim's body can freely move.

Touch of the Lightning God
The user gathers a large amount of chakra into his fingertips and converts it to electricity. The electricity then bursts from the fingertips and seeks out the victim. The lightning doesn't rend the flesh, but instead eletrifys the opponent, seeking out and attacking the heart and nervous system. The pain this jutsu causes is said to be unbearable. Victims of this jutsu frequently have heart attacks within 24 hours after being hit, so medical care is highly advised.

Human Lightning Rod
The user emits a powerful field of electrical energy; anyone caught within it gains a negative charge. The user positively charges the air around him, meaning that anyone within the field is constantly shocked by lightning. Although this jutsu is almost impossible to dodge while within the field, the field only extends 10 meters from the user. This jutsu also does a great job of disrupting electrical jutsu aimed at the user

Lightning Scorch Technique
The user performs a short row of hand seals, ending with his hands pointing towards his victim. Lightning bolts shoot out of his finger tips and dance along the victim's flesh, causing severe burns all over the body. This jutsu has the advantage of being difficult to block or dodge without the victim hiding behind something that doesn't conduct electricity.

Lightning Cage Technique
This technique uses chakra to set up a powerful web of electrical currents surrounding a victim. Lightning shoots from the user's fingertips and surrounds the victim, shocking him as the current surrounds him. The cage deals little damage to those trapped within, but anyone trying to leave is in for a real shock. Unfortunately, while the cage does a good job of keeping most people inside, it also damages anyone trying to reach into the field to attack. Magnetic currents protect the victim from attacks from metal objects, and electrical attacks are likewise useless

Lightning Screen
After performing a row of hand-seals, the user places his hands on the ground and in front of him a large and powerful field of lightning erupts from the ground and lasts for a few seconds before dissipating. This field not only shocks anyone unlucky enough to touch it, it also does a good job of deflecting lightning techniques, not to mention anything involving metal

Static Clone Technique
After a row of hand-seals, several electrical fields erupt from the user's hands and form into vaguely humanoid shapes. A simple genjutsu is used to then make the fields look like the user or anyone else the user chooses. Although the clones can't exert any physical force, if an opponent comes into contact with it, it dissipates and heavily shocks the him or her

Blade of the Lightning God
The user focuses chakra into either arm and collects ambient electricity into a tight lattice around the forearm and hand. By compressing the electricity and chakra together, the user forms a single-use electrical blade. While the blade has no real substance and thus cannot block or parry, its side-effect more than makes up for it - the area around that which is struck by the blade will be instantly shocked numb

Magnetic Beacon Technique
The user sends electrical waves to a metal object, causing it to turn into an electrical magnet. This jutsu has an advantage over the Magnetic Parry Technique in that the user need not touch nor hold onto the object to give it its electrical charge. It's very common to place a magnetic charge on an object held by an opponent, after which the user can track that person using a device similar to a compass


Lightning taijutsu
After fully mastering Chidori Current, Lightning punch, Current Blast
And Lightning pump up you can move 10 fold as your entire body is covered in lighting and your blows can send opponents across villages. After mastering those four jutsu’s you will need to have near perfect chakra control and be in top condition. If you can do that you can focus energy into you body and release it almost instantly…

Thunder God
You can summon storms at your command and direct the pure energy to you so you can absorb it or anywhere else to destroy it…

Lightning pinpoint version two
By using any metal object you can transport yourself and others to it instantly…

Lightning tornado
Can only be uses it you attained near godlike speed and fully mastered the current. You will run around an opponent or a opponents until you create a tornado then pour the chakra into it creating a such high voltage that it can instantly kill anyone just by being in the area…

massive Thunderclap
An extremely powerful Raiton ninjutsu that requires the pinnacle of chakra control to perform. The user gathers massive amounts of chakra into his palms and flattens it out into a disc extending over each hand that absorb any ambient electricity. Once the discs have collected enough ambient energy, the user smashes his palms together, creating a deafening thunderclap accompanied by a hemispherical electric shockwave that travels outward from the hands. With all of this occurring within a few seconds, it is clear to see why the utmost of chakra control is required

Dance of the Condemned
This jutsu, considered forbidden for its cruelty, partially shuts down a person's nervous system, sending them into a form of nervous shock that ends with the person being unable to move for a brief period. In order to perform this technique, the user must perform a long row of hand seals and then touch the victim's neck or spinal chord (touching clothing or armor in that area is fine, as long as it can't block electricity). Repeated use of this jutsu has been known to cause permanent nerve damage
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